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Joshua David Fletcher, birth date May 21, 1975 born in Kansas City, Missouri.

Special Skills:
Take a vision and making it real!

Artistic talents:  Has a natural ability to interpret an idea into a visual impression that evokes a desired emotion from the audience as inspired by the client and Joshua’s professional and creative input.

Engineering skills:  Ability to design and construct structurally sound creations and mechanical devices that exceeds the visionaries’ expectations.

Marketing skills:  Have no fear and the ability and drive to see a project no matter how large or small to a successful completion.  Joshua attempts to use the most current technology to promote and inform potential clients of his products and services.

Branding skills:  Has the vision, and with his networking abilities can identify and strategically design the aesthetically appealing marketing package that differentiates and supports the marketing strategies.

Project management skills:  Has the ability to coordinate, manage, and document all aspects of a creative venture to provide a successful product adhering to a specific schedule that allows all aspects and involved units to work efficiently.  Joshua frequently manages temporary labor when required for large projects.

Business skills:  Has successfully obtained funding for multiple projects, managed budgets, produced finical reports, as well as banking and legal negotiations.

Current Business Ventures:

Sunshine Development (currently active): Real Estate Development partnership currently located in Kansas City, Missouri, consisting of 12 acres for development of modestly priced single family housing.  Project began in 2005, but was put on hold due to nation-wide economic turmoil in the construction industry.  Current economic conditions have put this project back on track and are expected to start construction in August of 2016.  Status at this time is securing appropriate funding.  The anticipated value is projected to be approximately $2.4 million. See Appendix A for plot plans.

FACADEDEPT(currently active):Created in 2008 to facilitate Josh’s professional film career.  Historical presentation of past works can be viewed on the website,  In addition to set building, special effects, art directions and production Josh’s turn table design can be reviewed and leased.  Joshua designed the website and worked with programmer to create a custom website that allows interaction between client and leasing firm while becoming a marketing tool for his talents, services and products.

Under Construction Home Inspections (UCHI) (currently active):This partnership start-up date was May 1st2015 with its first client, now only 7 months later the average number ofclients average4 jobs per week and continues to improve.  Joshua’s branding strategies include developing customized shirts, coasters and gift bags.  All have contributed to the success of the company and can be viewed on the website,  Joshua’s marketing strategies included developing an interactive website allowing real estate agents to schedule home inspections on-line.  To appeal to the international market, different languages can be selected and an interpreter is available to assist with the inspector communicating with the client, as feature no other inspection company has offered.  Additionally, Josh has become members of numerous organizations, making presentations displaying his services and educating real estate agents and new inspectors as well. Joshua’s vision is to bring the Home Inspection Industry into the 21st century, his on-line application, internet interaction, efficient production and distribution of reports is taking this company down the path of success.


While in high school, 1991-1995, Joshua’s first sole proprietorship was Video Your Valuables.  He successfully earned enough money to purchase astate of the art Cannon XL1 Video Camera which he uses to video weddings and other special events.   His marketing strategy was to use bright fluorescent pink back ground for his signs and business cards.  He was always pleased when people would say to him “Aren’t you the guy with the bright pink cards?”   He knew his marketing decisions had been correct.

While still in high school, during his senior year, he became a member of his first movie crew.  The feature file was titled, Kansas City.  Started out working in construction as a prop assist.  He quickly moved up, becoming a Production Assistant where he also made the acquaintance of to be life-long friend, Production Director Robert Altman as well as other family members.
Responding to the movie bug, he moved to LA after high school and began working with Robert Altman, Jr. on various films production as film loader and production assistant.

In 1997 Josh, moved to Texas to be with family and began working in Dallas’s busy film industry as an independent contractor. He also attended Tarrant County Community College earning credits in business.

Joshua produced a short movie titled, Riddle of the Fuzzy Genie.  It was produced in 2001, shot in one month, very low budget and did not get released. 
As fast as technology changes, Joshua was quickly changing into an entrepreneur with new and innovative ideas he was eager to develop into reality.  In 2001 he created LOOK.  LOOK was an acronym for Local On-line Operating Kiosk and truly was ahead of its time.  This software and hardware creation was designed to be used at malls and was a single device that combined multi-media, internet application with interactive kiosk design that was unheard of in 2001.  This design incorporate a  42” plasma screens that could display a map, then scroll to missing kids, while it gave a client access to purchase and track gift cards as well as purchase movie tickets via the KIOS.  A prototype was built by Josh with the project at 90% completion when failed funding forced the discontinuation of the project.

From 2003-2004, Joshua was a crew member of the Barney and Friends Series 900 and 800daily working in the art department with the Big Purple Dinosaur.

After his stint with Barney, he continued as an independent contractor working in Dallas’s growing film industry.  He fulfilling various needs as props assistant, production assistance, and found he had a knack for special effects.   His ability to evaluate a situation and create a solution has made him highly sought after in Dallas.

To facilitate his film career, Joshua creates Façade Department in 2008.  This company is one of his current sole proprietorships bringing professionalism, credibility and is an example of his skills as a manager.  His website is a primary tool in marketing his talents and skills developed in the film industry as well as display another invention of his.  Josh identified a need in the creating commercials and other marketing techniques for a portable turn table with exceptional strength and control capabilities.  He observed most turn tables available were deficient in their ability to be flexible.  They were either designed to rotate heavy items or small and were frequently limited in the control of the speed of rotation.  Joshua designed and had precisely machined to his specifications, creating a compact versatile portable turn table. The unique features are its amazing portability, its neatly organized case, with details operating instructions and it’s capability of rotating various sizes and weights.  Small products as well as large products up to 500 lbs. can be easily rotated with precision required for intricate film shootings.  And it is light weight, constructed of aluminum.   Joshua’s turn table can be viewed on his website: and leased from MPS Studios:

Film Production:  Have over 23 years of experience.

Art Director: Responsible to collaborate with director, producer and client bringing their vision into a reality to be presented in a wide angle medium.  During production of commercial and live videos provide the means to accomplish the desired visual affect. 

Art Assistant: Duties and skills include assisting art director, organization, preparation for next shop, dealing with vendors, gathering  props, construction, coordinate and locate special needs of art producer.  Meet schedules and needs of other department.

Set Dresser:  Decorator of the film gives limited direction as to where props are to be placed, allowing the set dresser to make decisions based on the production action.  Additionally, the Set Dresser must have skills in interpreting the decorator and producers visions or desired effect.

Props Assistant: Provides anything that a person can sit or hold as well as confirming the structural soundness of the props required for every scene. A

Props Assistant must coordinate with the director and purchase required props, finding the most economical and returnable items.  He manages petting cash and has a great effect on meeting budgeting goals.

Production Assistant: Art set, ensure lock up, keep people out of frame of shot, keeping set props correct for each shot, assisting other departments to keep production on schedule and uninterrupted, basically anything no one else has the time to do but is necessary for a successful product.